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Pacific Northwest Seafood

Welcome to Pacific Northwest Seafood, highlighting the clear, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean that yield sustainably harvested seafood. For over a century, these pristine waters have served as a source of nourishment, economic prosperity, and global connectivity. Today, Pacific Northwest fisheries lead the charge in pioneering sustainability, ensuring the longevity of these invaluable resources for generations to come.

Our region showcases an exceptional diversity of seafood, featuring culinary delights like Dungeness crab, albacore tuna, Pacific rockfish, Pacific hake, coldwater shrimp, and more. This diversity doesn't merely extend to species; it also enriches our local communities in multifaceted ways.

Beyond providing top-quality products to consumers, Pacific Northwest Seafood is committed to generating job opportunities, promoting educational initiatives, and extending unwavering support to our communities. We play a pivotal role in strengthening local fisheries, facilitating trade, and championing sustainability, resulting in a harmonious, healthy ecosystem from the depths of the ocean to the diners' table.

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